Dr. Davis is available for psychiatric evaluations to determine which treatment is best suited for you. If you are being referred by your psychiatrist or therapist for TMS therapy, an evaluation is still necessary to insure that TMS therapy is your best option. You will continue under the care of your referring psychiatrist and/or therapist during and after the treatment.


TMS therapy is covered by several insurance companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico and United Health Care. They require prior-authorization, which we will assist in obtaining. We have obtained coverage through other insurance companies. Because insurance benefits vary, coverage is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, we are not Medicare providers at this time. 


Dr. Davis is currently accepting new patients who are pursuing medication treatment of depression and other psychiatric disorders. 


TMS Treatment

NeuroStar TMS Therapy is an outpatient procedure that is performed in our office under the supervision of Dr. Davis. You remain awake and alert throughout the procedure and able to function normally afterwards. There are no restrictions regarding driving or other activities.